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How do slip and fall accidents occur?

Examples of slip and fall scenarios vary widely but may include:

  • Freshly mopped grocery store floors with no warning signs present
  • Uneven pavement in a poorly lit parking lot
  • Dimly lit stairwells
  • Store aisles with insufficient lighting
  • Wet floors, such as in a hotel lobby
  • Loose carpeting at a house or business

Our knowledgeable attorneys are prepared to investigate the unique circumstances of your accident to secure the compensation you are due.

Determining liability in slip and fall cases

Establishing liability after a slip-and-fall incident can be complex, with property owners, managers, or even employees potentially liable if negligence played a part in the accident.

At Correa & Martinez Trial Lawyers, our highly experienced lawyers possess the necessary skill set to meticulously examine every facet of your claim, uncover the responsible party(s), and build a solid case supporting it.

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What damages are available in Florida slip and fall cases?

A Florida slip-and-fall accident lawsuit provides various forms of compensation to the injured party for their losses; these may include:

Medical expenses

One of the key elements of any slip and fall injury claim is recovering medical expenses related to immediate medical costs and estimated future costs associated with treatment for injuries sustained due to the fall. These may include doctor’s visits, hospitalization, surgery, medications, rehabilitation services, or any necessary equipment required to care for you properly.

Lost wages

If a slip and fall injury leads to missed workdays or decreased earnings capacity, lost wage compensation could apply. This amount covers any income you would have made had your injury not occurred as well as future income lost if your injuries leave you permanently disabled and unable to work.

Property damage

In some instances, slip and fall incidents can lead to damage to personal property. For instance, if valuable items were broken during your fall, compensation can be sought in relation to their loss as part of your claim.

Pain and suffering

Florida slip and fall cases require non-economic damages as an essential element to compensate you for physical and emotional trauma caused by an injury, including pain, anxiety, depression, and the overall decrease in quality of life due to an accident. These non-economic damages are known as “pain and suffering”.

Emotional distress

Slip and fall accidents may have lasting psychological repercussions, including anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or other emotional distress. In Florida, you can seek compensation for these nonphysical impacts of an injury claim.

Punitive damages

Florida law permits punitive damages as an exceptional remedy in cases where the defendant’s behavior was outrageous or reckless, rather than just compensating victims. Punitive damages should only be awarded sparingly, typically when evidence of intentional misconduct or gross negligence by the defendant is present.

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Lawyers can play an essential part in slip-and-fall claims.

After being involved in a slip and fall incident, overcoming legal hurdles and negotiating with insurance providers can be an uphill struggle, particularly if injured. At Correa & Martinez Trial Lawyers, our experienced attorneys are fully dedicated to protecting your rights by collecting critical evidence on your behalf and engaging in negotiations with insurance firms. Should circumstances require, vigorously representing your interests in a court of law. Our primary objective is to achieve an ideal outcome for your case and secure the compensation you are owed.

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At Correa & Martinez Trial Lawyers, our emphasis is on trial-driven experience. We’re more than litigators, we possess extensive expertise with proven success in taking cases to trial and achieving favorable outcomes.

  • We deliver results: With millions recovered for our clients, we possess the expertise, dedication, and passion necessary to bring about results that matter.
  • Boutique and bilingual: As a boutique firm, we pride ourselves on offering personalized attention that larger firms cannot match. Our bilingual team ensures effective communication with clients in need.
  • Accessible and compassionate: We take great pride in being accessible to our clients, genuinely caring about their well-being. We are here to provide guidance and support throughout their journey.
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