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Your Bridge to Remarkable Legal Success

As trial lawyers, whether presenting a case in civil, criminal, or federal court, the legal team at the firm has achieved remarkable success for their clients. While many legal matters can be resolved outside of the courtroom through negotiation and settlement, having a trial attorney on your side can make a world of difference in achieving fair and just compensation in cases of personal injury claims in civil court. It is often not in a client’s best interests to accept a settlement offer when a jury could award far more compensation.

Do you need a trial attorney for a personal injury claim?

In cases of serious injuries, representation from a lawyer with a strong trial background is crucial. While some lawyers may prefer the easy way and urge a client to accept a settlement that may not reflect the extent of the damages, we are committed to pursuing the best possible outcome—which may require filing a lawsuit to seek justice and compensation for all damages.

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Criminal trials and your attorney: Choose the best.

Defending against a criminal charge in court is not a minor legal issue. Your criminal attorney must be highly skilled in:

  • Crafting and presenting a powerful defense in court
  • Negotiating with the prosecutor
  • Filing motions to suppress evidence
  • Seeking alternatives to jail or prison time

At Correa & Martinez Trial Lawyers, your case will be defended by a talented, powerful trial attorney with extensive experience in court.

Confidence at trial matters.

Courtroom litigation is a very different skill than out-of-court negotiations. Our trial lawyers have the breadth of knowledge of trial procedure and the ability to present supporting evidence and arguments clearly and persuasively, cross-examining prosecution witnesses and relentlessly seeking the best possible outcome.

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Respected trial lawyers in Miami: Correa & Martinez Trial Lawyers

Insurance company defense law firms and prosecutors keep tabs on successful trial attorneys in the area. We are proud of our reputation for success at trial and the worry the opposing lawyers have when they discover that Correa & Martinez Trial Lawyers represents you. In trial law, it is all about thorough case development and presenting a robust case to the jury. Correa & Martinez Trial Lawyers is a boutique trial law firm offering accessible legal representation in various cases. Our personal injury cases are represented on a contingency fee basis, meaning you’ll pay no legal fees unless we win for you. In criminal defense, immigration law, maritime law, and family law, choosing a trial attorney with outstanding skills could not be more important—your future may depend on it.

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