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Lyft Accident Attorney in Miami

In the event of a Lyft accident in Miami, securing legal counsel tailored to such cases is crucial due to the intricacies involving various parties, such as the driver, the rideshare entity, and possibly other drivers.

At Correa & Martinez, we offer specialized expertise in this field and advocate for your rightful compensation with a balance of assertiveness and empathy. With a Miami-based Lyft accident attorney from Correa & Martinez, you're not alone in this unexpected journey – your rights and peace of mind are the core of our advocacy.

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We’re Here to Help

If you've been in a Lyft accident, the journey ahead may appear daunting. You're potentially facing a range of concerns, from personal injury to the complexities of legal and insurance procedures. Correa & Martinez Trial Lawyers are well-versed in handling such situations. Our commitment is to pursue your case vigorously to secure the justice and compensation you are entitled to.

Your well-being is paramount, and while you focus on recovery, we focus on providing the legal expertise you need. We are committed to shouldering the legal burden so you can concentrate on getting better. Contact us to discuss your case and determine the best course of action for you.

What are Lyft Accidents?

Lyft accidents refer to road mishaps involving a Lyft vehicle, where you or someone else may have suffered an injury while using the service. These accidents can range from minor fender-benders to more serious forms of collisions. Common types include the following:

  • Vehicle-on-vehicle collisions: Accidents involving another car, truck, or motorcycle.
  • Single-vehicle incidents: When the Lyft vehicle is the only one involved, possibly due to loss of control.
  • Pedestrian impacts: Situations where a Lyft car hits a pedestrian.
  • Bicycle accidents: Accidents that occur between a Lyft vehicle and a cyclist.

Several factors can lead to accidents involving Lyft vehicles, including the following:

  • Distracted driving, such as using a smartphone while driving
  • Going over the speed limit or driving too fast for road conditions
  • Driver fatigue due to working extended hours without sufficient breaks
  • Poor road conditions, including potholes, inadequate signage, or lack of proper lighting
  • Impaired driving, such as operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol

What Type of Law Covers Lyft Accidents?

Personal injury law covers a wide range of accidents and incidents, including those involving rideshare services like Lyft. When it comes to proving negligence in a personal injury case related to a Lyft accident, the injured party must establish four key elements:

  • Duty refers to the legal obligation of the Lyft driver to operate the vehicle safely and responsibly
  • Breach occurs when the driver fails to uphold this duty, such as by driving recklessly or violating traffic laws
  • Causation involves demonstrating that the driver's breach of duty directly led to the accident and subsequent injuries
  • The injured party must provide evidence of the damages suffered as a result of the accident, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering
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Proving these four elements of negligence is crucial in personal injury cases involving Lyft accidents. Here’s how it works:

  • To establish duty, the injured party may need to show that the Lyft driver owed a duty of care to the passenger and other individuals on the road
  • This duty includes following traffic laws, driving attentively, and ensuring the safety of passengers
  • To demonstrate breach, the injured party might present evidence of the driver's actions or inactions that deviated from the expected standard of care, such as speeding, distracted driving, or driving under the influence
  • Causation can be proven through witness statements, expert testimony, and other evidence linking the driver's breach of duty to the accident and resulting injuries
  • Documenting the damages incurred, such as medical records, receipts, and testimony from medical professionals, is essential to securing compensation for the injuries sustained in the Lyft accident.

Seeking legal guidance from a knowledgeable Lyft accident lawyer in Miami who is experienced in personal injury and rideshare accident cases can be instrumental in navigating the complexities of proving negligence and pursuing a successful claim against Lyft or the at-fault driver.

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Who Can Be Held Legally Liable in a Lyft Accident?

When you're involved in a Lyft accident, determining liability is crucial in pursuing a fair damages award to compensate you for your injuries. Liability may rest with one or more of the following parties:

The Lyft Driver

If the accident occurred due to the Lyft driver's negligence or violations of traffic laws, the driver could be held responsible. Examples include speeding, distracted driving, or driving under the influence.

Lyft, the Company

Under certain circumstances, Lyft may be accountable. This is usually through the theory of vicarious liability—if the driver is considered to be an employee, which is rare, or through negligent hiring if Lyft fails to vet the driver properly.

Another Driver

If a third-party driver caused the accident, that driver might be liable. You could pursue a claim against the third-party driver's insurance.

Vehicle Manufacturers

A defect with the Lyft vehicle or another car involved in the accident could shift some liability to the manufacturer of that vehicle.

Maintenance Providers

If poor maintenance of the Lyft vehicle led to the accident, the party responsible for its maintenance may be liable.

Does Lyft's Insurance Cover Accidents?

Lyft provides insurance coverage that applies to different periods of the ride-sharing process. Here's a breakdown:

Period 1: This is when the driver is logged into the Lyft app and is waiting for a ride request. During this time, Lyft provides limited liability coverage, which typically includes:

  • $50,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $100,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $25,000 per accident for property damage

Period 2: Once the driver has accepted a trip and is en route to pick up the passenger, the coverage increases. Lyft has a $1 million policy that covers liability to third parties from the time the driver accepts the ride request until the rider is picked up.

Period 3: From the moment you, as the passenger, are picked up until the trip ends, Lyft's $1 million liability insurance is in effect. This includes:

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage up to the actual cash value of the car ($2,500 deductible)

Remember, if you are involved in an accident as a passenger or if you're hit by a Lyft vehicle as a third party, you are generally covered by Lyft's insurance policy. However, these policies are secondary to the driver's personal insurance. It’s crucial to report the incident promptly to both Lyft and the insurance company to facilitate the claims process.

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Steps to Take Following a Lyft Accident

In the event of a Lyft accident, it is essential to take the following actions to safeguard your rights and improve your chances of success in legal proceedings:

  • Contact 911 if there are injuries or significant property damage, as police records can be crucial for any future claims
  • Document evidence with photos of the scene, including all vehicles, and gather contact information from witnesses
  • Make a note of the Lyft driver’s name, license plate, and insurance details.
  • Provide an honest account of the incident to the police, but refrain from admitting fault or liability
  • Seek medical evaluation even if injuries are not immediately apparent, as some injuries may show symptoms later
  • Ensure that all medical treatment received is documented, as this could be vital evidence if you decide to pursue a personal injury claim
  • Report the accident using the Lyft app, or contact Lyft’s support team via email, and include any evidence you have collected in your email
  • Stay in touch with Lyft as they may need more information from you to process the report

What Damages Can I Be Awarded After a Lyft Accident?

If you've been involved in a Lyft accident, you may be entitled to two types of financial compensation. Economic damages include the following:

  • Medical expenses, including costs for immediate and long-term medical care
  • Lost Wages or income you missed out on because of the accident
  • Lost earning capacity, which refers to future income affected by your injuries
  • Rehabilitation costs such as physical therapy and other recovery-related expenses
  • Repair or replacement expenses for property damage, such as your personal vehicle
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Non-economic damages include the following:

  • Compensation for physical pain and emotional distress.
  • Emotional distress such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD following the accident.
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life, which refers to the inability to participate in hobbies or activities you once enjoyed
  • Loss of Consortium, which refers to the impact on your relationship with your spouse or partner.

In some cases, if the conduct by the at-fault party is found to be especially harmful or malicious, additional sums may be awarded to punish that behavior. These are known as punitive damages.

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Choose Correa & Martinez to Represent You

If you have been involved in a Lyft personal injury accident, selecting the right legal representation is pivotal. Correa & Martinez have established a reputation for championing the rights of individuals injured in rideshare accidents. We’re partners with extensive courtroom experience handling personal injury cases, a commitment to personalize attention to your case’s specifics, and a track record of securing favorable settlements and verdicts.

When you choose Correa & Martinez, you’re not just getting a team of Miami Lyft accident lawyers; you’re gaining a support system that understands the turmoil caused by accidents. We will navigate the legal intricacies on your behalf, ensuring that you can focus on recovery.

Remember, time is of the essence when dealing with the aftermath of an accident. Contact Correa & Martinez today to schedule your complimentary consultation and find out what we can do for you.

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