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Defense counsel for sex crimes in Miami

At Correa & Martinez Trial Lawyers, we are trial attorneys with extensive experience in court – and it matters. If you are accused of any sex-related offense, a conviction will change your life forever. Under our criminal justice system, you are innocent until proven guilty, but it won’t feel that way. If you are arrested and charged with a sex crime, exercise your right to remain silent and contact Correa & Martinez immediately. Do not speak with law enforcement, even if you are completely innocent, as your words can be twisted and used against you. 

Types of sex crimes in Florida

A sex crime may be filed as a misdemeanor or felony based on the alleged facts in the case. These crimes are essentially non-consensual, unlawful sexual contact or conduct performed for sexual gratification. These crimes vary in severity based on whether force was involved. Some of the most commonly charged sex crimes in the state include:

  • Sexual battery: In Florida, sexual battery, often referred to as rape, is a very serious offense. It involves non-consensual sexual penetration or oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse against the will of another person. Convictions for sexual battery can result in a long period of incarceration in state prison and the requirement to register as a sex offender, with your name, photo, and information available to prospective employers, landlords, and others.  
  • Sexual assault: Sexual assault can be the charge for a range of non-consensual sexual acts, including unwanted touching or fondling. If found guilty of sexual assault, you may face incarceration, fines, and lifelong stigma as a registered sex offender.
  • Prostitution: Prostitution is the exchange of sexual services for money and is illegal in Florida except for certain limited circumstances. Prostitution charges may be filed as a misdemeanor or felony, based on the criminal record of the accused, with penalties imposed that include jail time and fines. 
  • Indecent exposure: This offense is filed when it is alleged that a person displayed their genitalia or engaged in sexual acts in public areas, such as parks or other locations. The crime is typically a misdemeanor for a first-time charge but repeat offenses may lead to more severe penalties.
  • Child pornography: Child pornography involves the creation, possession, or distribution of explicit images or videos of minors engaged in sexual acts. Possession of child pornography is a felony and can lead to up to five years behind bars for a first offense. 
  • Failure to register as a sex offender: Those convicted of certain sex crimes must register as a sex offender. If they fail to do so, it is a crime that can lead to immediate incarceration.

Defenses for sex crime charges: What are your options?

If you are facing a sex crime charge, a defense strategy could be developed that may be successful in court. The types of defenses that may be effective include:

Wrongfully accused

Being wrongfully accused of a sex crime is a devastating experience. In these cases, the defense argues that the accused did not commit the alleged offense and can present evidence of innocence, including alibi witnesses, surveillance footage, or other compelling evidence. 

Mistaken identity

An accusation of sexual assault may lead to a victim incorrectly identifying another individual. Your defense will require an investigation into the facts to identify any part of the prosecutors’ case that could be successfully challenged in court.

The act was consensual

Sex crime hinges on the concept of “consent.” A person who later regrets a sex act may falsely accuse another. Establishing supporting evidence will require the assistance of an experienced sex crime defense lawyer.

An alleged victim is being untruthful

In some cases, a sex crime charge is filed based on untruthful reports from an alleged victim. The motivation behind these actions must be investigated, which could be revenge, financial gain, child custody, or other motives. Our sex crime defense lawyer can closely scrutinize the credibility of the accuser through an investigation into the individual and an aggressive cross-examination in court.

A contentious divorce or breakup

Allegations of a sex crime could be associated with a  contentious divorce or breakup. A defense could be crafted to reveal any manipulation or motive to gain an advantage in legal proceedings. 

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Why choose us to help you fight sex crime charges?

At Correa & Martinez Trial Lawyers in Miami, sex crime cases are managed by trial lawyer Roberto Pardo, a  former Assistant State Attorney with extensive experience in the most serious crimes – from both sides of the aisle. His reputation for excellence as a trial lawyer, along with the support of a firm that delivers personalized attention and care, makes him among the most sought-after trial lawyers in a range of criminal charges.  

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